My name is Małgosia. I am nomadic traveler, experienced online change-encouragement mentor and English language teacher with background in global coaching. Besides English and Polish, I am also fluent in Italian and Spanish. I can also communicate in French and German. The passion for learning and speaking foreign languages allowed me to develop effective teaching methods, which I’ll happily share with you during our sessions.

Most of my adult life I spent living in 10 countries on 4 continents. They were subsequently Italy, Span, Colombia, Scotland, England, Germany, Madagascar, Vietnam and Thailand. As you can see, I started ‘from scratch’ many times, so I understand ‘how it is’ and I am very familiar with the feeling of fear prior to moving or traveling to a new country.

I’ll happily help you when you feel lost and are not sure what’s the first step to take. With my support you’ll manage yourself well, wherever you are.