In my little eBook “Big Dreams on Small Incomes” I happily suggest that a person should do two things in their career-life. One is to get fired, another is to resign. Perhaps not every year, but at least once in a lifetime and here is why.

Let’s start with getting fired:

1. You gain perspective.

You can finally ask yourself who you really are without your job title. Not to condemn yourself and feel bad about it, but to find out your purpose. When you work, you’re wearing a title; engineer, teacher, lawyer, builder and so on. They sound great but they’re labels. When you take them away, you are a human and here is the thing: Who are you, human? 

2. You can master your imperfections. 

Not to become a cyborg, but to truly look into what went wrong, so you can fix it for next time. This is powerful because when you know what’s wrong, you can address it and work on it. Or at least, be aware of it and create an honest image of yourself: “I am very passionate about my job and when I work, I work like crazy, but because of that, I sometimes get too demanding of the same from my work colleagues”.

Knowledge is power. Yes, especially knowledge about yourself.

3. You may get that ‘kick’ you’ve never felt before.

Do you know why most of us still don’t live our dream life and work in what we love? Because we don’t trust ourselves that: a) we can do it, b) it’s possible to do that.

Where there is no determination, there is no fire. Where there is no fire, there is no need to kick off and run in order not to get burned. 

Now, imagine that you really get fired and don’t receive any redundancy money. You’ll have to do something very quickly to get back on your feet. Yes, you may claim benefits or go to work in Carrefour, but you may also feel an urge to do something different. Catch this feeling right in that moment and follow your heart.

And why to resign?

Many of us simply have enough and decide to leave a workplace which doesn’t meet our expectations anymore. If you did this, you know how liberating is to handle the notice to your boss. Of course, you don’t want to be reckless about it and you resign when you have some money saved, or at least next job lined up (means you’ve signed the contract).

I resigned from my jobs twice, but never forget the first time (as you don’t!). It was a Monday and I have manually written my resignation letter. I remember my boss saying to me: “You’ll not have the courage to do that”.

I did.

A few months later he resigned from that place too…

Whether getting fired or resigning, one thing is for sure. You can see this time in your life as pain in the backside, but when you are well prepared (means you have money saved to live on for a reasonable amount of time) you can see it as a blessing. You’ll finally get THE TIME to work out who you really are and maybe even find out your life purpose. Or at least make the first step to do that.


It’s your life. It’s worth it. 

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