Personally, I don’t get treated badly by people too often, even in places which are famous for their unfriendliness. However, I happen to hear that it’s easy for attractive people to be well perceived and offered help when needed. In my view, attractiveness works both ways. As a woman, you may get a special treatment at times, unsurprisingly, from the male part of our society. On the other hand, you are prone to get the other way around; get unwanted men’s attention, not to mention jealousy from the ‘female herd’.

That’s human nature and acceptance of it is the key to relax about it. What else is worth doing in order to be treated well anywhere you go?

There are three fundamental and easy things you can do:

One: Make sure your appearance is pleasant. Look after yourself. The way you present yourself is the message you send to the world around you. You don’t have to be attractive to be liked but be aware of the fact that you got one body for this life and you want it healthy.


May your showing up be a gift to the place you visit.


Two: When you approach people and want to ask for help, pick something positive about them before you start talking. Our thoughts are energy. And people always communicate on the level of energy before they say a word.

Three: Smile. Truly, with your eyes. The smile is for free and we often tend to forget that. If you can’t smile because you believe that life didn’t give you enough reasons to do that, get the life that makes you smile first and then get out to meet the world. None desrves your angry face, especially yourself!

Once you want to take it to another level, make an effort to speak local language. At least the basics of it.

On that note, I can help you with Polish or essential Italian and Spanish by sharing the method I used to learn these langugaes by myself. Just drop me a message. 

If you are fluent in English, don’t take it for granted. Use it. Nothing lasts forever and in 100 years other languages may rule the world. 

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