I met Tom in Phom Penh back in April 2015 during my first trip to Cambodia. He drove his Tuk Tuk near the Grand Palace and called me out for a ride. Reluctant at the beginning to seat inside his vehicle, I eventually jumped in, as my curiosity won over. His English was very good and so I quickly realized that this is rather a clever guy. He laughed at me when he noticed that I was scared to take a ride with him because he obviously didn’t see any issue. He took me to one of the local pagodas which not many tourists seem to visit. I wandered around for a while. When I finished, Tom took me back to my hostel. He didn’t want any money from me, which made me feel a bit bad. Even though I am quite frugal with my expenses, I am much more privileged after all.

We became friends. 

A couple of weeks later I visited his family who lives in a small village in Kompong Thom province (Central Cambodia). This could be a story for a spare post but for now, all I want to say is that I was warmly welcomed by his family and friends, who were lovely and genuine people. 

Tom is a young guy, who lives in Phom Penh for over 8 years now and knows every corner of it. He can take you anywhere you need. He can also help with anything you need and if you happen to become friends, maybe you’ll end up drinking local beer and eating frogs together! 

By the way… He has very nice friends who are also Tuk Tuk drivers!

Why do I recommend his services? 

Not only because I know him and we’re friends. I recommend his services because I want to help him out to push forward his life goals. It’s important for us – people who can travel, to support the locals of where we go to…

because we can’t really do without them and they cannot do without us. 

I also support Tom, because I admire his honesty and willingness to share the little he has. Cambodian people are lovely, Tom is one of them. He won’t scam you, and in general, not many Cambodian Tuk Tuk drivers would do. Of course, you may be unlucky, but not when you take a ride around Phnom Penh with Tom!

Ah, and that ‘the sexiest’ thing in the post title… I needed you to click on this post and so I used this to draw your attention!

Which doesn’t change the fact that in my view Cambodian people are good looking indeed and Tom is too!

If you happen to be in Phnom Penh, click here to contact Tom on his FB page and book a tour. 

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