Never feel like an outsider in Poland!


Who am I and what can I do for you?


My name is Małgosia, I also like being called Margarita as this is how the people used to refer to me abroad. I’ve spent 16 years outside Poland and have lived in nine countries, across four continents. Every country I have lived in has enriched me and provided me a life story to share. However, moving around the world, as great as it looks on Facebook and impresses my friends, doesn’t get easier with time. Moving to a new country doesn’t only mean finding a decent place to live and securing work, it is also about finding your way in a new environment as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your stay. To do that, it’s necessary to understand the country’s culture and communication codes which locals use.

​Learning the language spoken is not mandatory, but extremely rewarding. It builds up your confidence and gives you an enormous advantage to get your foot in the door to reach out for more opportunities the country has to offer.


What’s different about my Polish lessons?


Here is why my Polish lessons are special; I do not only focus on Polish grammar and correct speaking, I also coach you on how to start talking with locals as soon as possible, even though you won’t understand everything they say back. You’ll have the confidence to ask, “What does it mean? Could you please say it again or explain it to me in different words?”.

I learned four foreign languages by myself using my simple formula, topping up the gaps in my knowledge with individual lessons.

The Poles are simple in ‘operation’, they will appreciate that you speak their language, but, if you also apply the communication codes we use, I promise you, you will never feel like an outsider in Poland!

Call or email me for a chat about how can we work together and make your life in Poland exceptional!


Tel: +48 723 735 428

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