Only a few years ago traveling and working at the same time seemed next to impossible to me.

“Everyone would like to do it!” – I heard.

Here I am on my first trip, visitng new countries and working. Living the dream, they say.

Having said that, rest assured, that you can be on the most beautiful tropical island and be miserable. Don’t get fooled by photos of lapotps under the palm trees. If you are at home with your partner and kids and this is what you always wanted, you are living the dream.

If you are persuing your career and save money for meeting your goals, you are living the dream.
Tropical islands and Margaritas are fun, if you don’t do them every day. Life also consists of tiny, little moments such as “Hello” at a bakery in the morning.

Photo above: The view from rented apt in Herzeg Novi (Montenegro), where I had a pleasure to spend an ultra relaxing week.

Photo below: Cat Teahouse “Kocie Oczy” in Łódź, Poland.


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