Planning your Big Move?

Moving to a new country, however exciting it might be, it’s never easy. The cultural differences may feel overwhelming, not to mention the language barrier. This is why is really important to have a plan of what we need to do in order to adapt to the new place gradually and smoothly.


So, imagine now, that you have just landed in a new country. You’ve never been here before, or you only have visited it as a tourist. It’s obvious that travelling for tourism is way different to living there. As a tourist, you feel relaxed and your only worries are of how to get from point A to B, where to sleep and what local food to try…


Okay, you may also want to find out where to party!

I remember the day when I got a well-paid job in Munich. I flew to Germany all the way just for one day, to attend the job interview. It was my first time ever in Munich.


Matthias – recruitment agent who offered me the job, picked me up from the airport and dropped me at the city center after the interview. Before I jumped off the car on Karlsplatz Matthias said: “Enjoy!”


I walked around the Munich Old Town, stopped for coffee in one of the touristy cafes and enjoyed the afternoon before taking the flight back home. That was it.

In one month time, I officially moved to Germany. Full of hopes, excited and nervous at the same time, I was thrilled, that I found an accommodation on Marienplatz – the heart of Munich historical city center.

Then the ‘real fun’ began. Even though my German was OK to get around, I knew nothing about the local customs and quickly felt lost. I worked for an international company with people of different nationalities, however everyone was well settled already, and it didn’t seem necessary helping the new colleague to blend in. Of course, I was advised, what institutions to visit in order to legalise my stay and work permit in Germany, how the public transport works and where is the nearest place for lunch. At least I had the basics. But that’s it.

And the rest… You’re supposed to just do it!

No, you don’t. Moving to a new country, especially alone or when you do it for your partner is a stressful life event and it’s absolutely fair to say, that you need support to organize yourself well and lend an ear whenever you need.


So what is that you need? Get in touch and we’ll make sure that you’ll feel home wherever you are! 


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