I did this job for almost three years. The job was great for a while, as it was all I needed; a bit of money, security and the time to develop my passions after work. But it was one of these jobs which will never change and will never allow you to grow. You could come and see me there a few weeks ago and then (if I have not resigned) come over again in fifty years time and I would be still there. I would be doing the same things, saying the same words and only looking older!

Don’t get me wrong, as I said, I was very happy doing it for the first two years or so. Then, at some point (not even sure when exactly) I got stuck. I didn’t want to look for a different role but I didn’t feel like I was performing as well and enjoying it as much as I did before.

Getting stuck in any area of your life is dangerous. It feels OK at the beginning but soon it makes you immune to realizing that there are other options available to you. It’s like a disease that starts with a little discomfort which isn’t enough bother you so you do nothing about it. Then you learn to live with it, and the discomfort only speaks up from time to time. Not too often, so you can repress it when it comes up.

Having that in mind I knew I had to make a decision. Moving to another job for a grand move, and maybe taking more responsibility (which in career-speak is wisely called “a challenge”) wasn’t an option I wanted to consider. I realized that if I do not ‘remove’ myself from this situation, nothing will change.Sometimes life kindly gives us a ‘shake’ and we have no choice but change our circumstances. However, most of the times we have to make such a decision for ourselves. It is a luxury which we do not appreciate enough. I decided to leave my work and go somewhere unknown to explore, learn and live my life for me for a while. The destination came to my mind without a second thought.



How come? Because I have a list of dream places I always wanted to visit and Madagascar was next on the list. I tend to choose (as my mum with says) “strange countries” because they are unpopular, not discovered yet by the masses, and not so easy to hang around on your own. I choose these countries because I am not a follower. The only thing I commit to following is the voice of my heart. I know, it sounds cheesy but, well, sometimes the truth is cheesy and that’s why we don’t want to trust it.

In fact, these “strange countries” often turn out to be great places, not so difficult to hang around once you’re there. Not to mention, I can also spread the word about them without relying on the media. Not that I have something against the media as such. However, as we know the media talk about what sells and is convenient for them. What is convenient for me in writing about Burma, Madagascar or Colombia?


So I decided to hit Madagascar. I created an opportunity to visit this place and stay here for a while – enough to learn French on an intermediate level and do some good work for its people. The majority of them have no money to travel even to the village next door and it’s great that I can afford to come and visit them instead.

I promised to do my best to be a respectful guest and dared to say I was!



*For more about my stay in Madagascar visit my FB Page The Alternative Ideas.
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