Setting your own business can be ride on a highway with no speed limit. Especially, if ‘all’ you have is an innovative idea, dose of determination and dream. The time to start is never right and not every niche we would like to work in, translates into market current needs. The experience required to run a business comes with time, as the side effect, rather than risk-free course to taking further action.

During the first months of running my own company I had to grow as a person, as fast as I wanted my business to grow and make necessary profit to pay for its expenses.

I quickly realized that what people pay you for, is not only what you know and can do but also, the way you think. Despite having a classic business mindset tailored for success, there is a specific way of thinking that others are willing to pay for and that involves:

1) What you think of yourself.

2) How humble are you to unlearn the old habits and learn the new ones.

This was a lesson number one however, there was more to come. The bills needed to be paid and using savings wasn’t an option.

According to the latter, I decided to take an approach of decent employer and pay myself for the way I think. I wrote an employment contract from ‘Me to Me’. In other words, I auto-employed myself virtually.

The ‘Me to Me’ contract said:

“Dear me, Małgorzata (Margarita) Ruszkowska, The Alternative Ideas Movement assigned you position of Sales and Marketing Representative to this company. Your role is to promote its services according to its values. You are going to do that by targeting the right audience, submitting relevant content online and contact prospects whom you will choose by doing your own research. You are 100% responsible for the company success”.

“…And here is what you get if you succeed”. (I put a realistic number).

Clarity over imaginary visions turned out to be a method for auto-motivation. The written number became real. I put myself into gear and keep riding the highway.

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