How can I help you?

Polish Lessons & Mentoring:

  • Have you just moved to Poland and don’t have a clue what’s going on around you? Does the Polish language ‘sounds like Chinese’ to you and all you can hear is “shhhh, pshhh…”?
  • Do you have Polish ancestry and planning to visit Poland but would like to learn some basics of the Polish language and culture?
  • Do you plan to move to Poland and want to want to feel secure that you are well prepared for arrival?

Get in touch. We’ll have a free 30 minutes conversation where we get to know each other, discuss your situation and learn a few Polish words.

Cross-Cultural Mentoring:

  • Did you just get a great job offer abroad, decided to go for it, but, after moving to the new country you realised that living there is not ‘all roses’ and you feel disappointed?
  • Did you move to a new country to reach your life goals but you miss your land and find it hard to understand the cultural differences between your country and new home?
  • Did you move to a new country ‘for love’ and now you realised that you depend on your other half and struggle to build connections with the locals?
  • Are you coming back home after years of living abroad and your mind is spinning? Are you anxious because you don’t know how the new life will unfold for you?

Do these situations sound familiar to you and feel unsettling?

I went through all the situations listed above. Some of them I faced a few times as I moved between world’s countries 10 (yes, ten!) times, not to mention moving between the cities. Last year I moved back to my homeland and I can also help you on this matter – support you coming back to your home.

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