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The Alternative Ideas Movement  Motto: “Make Friends, Not War”

My Offer dedicated to Individual Clients

Would you like to travel the world with confidence and at low cost? Would you like to move abroad but are not sure how to do it?

It’s now possible more than ever!

I’m living proof and will happily offer you my travelling and nomadic experience on your journey.

Get in touch for exceptional travel/cultural mentoring and get tips and tricks on how to conquer the world in such a way, that every trip you take, will turn out unforgettable and make you feel more alive than ever.

During these sessions, we will conquer your mental blocks, use logical thought processes and learn to create solid travel plans. I’ll share with you the knowledge I have gained over the years of leading a nomadic lifestyle.

  • How to organise your trip.
  • Where to look for valuable contacts and how to maintain them.

You’ll also find out how to manage your finances, so that you can thoroughly prepare for your travels or even relocating your life to a faraway land.

My motto is our guide. I am convinced that making friends, forging meaningful relationships with people all over the world and spending unforgettable moments with them is the best way to grow as a person and contribute to peace in the world.

Who knows, perhaps I’ll take you on one of my trips 🙂

But with all this said, you might be thinking…

“Okay, if I want to travel low-budget, why would I pay you to teach me how to do it in the first place?”.

To which my answer would be:

“Because, when you invest in your knowledge, you gain the confidence that you do things the right way. You save money in the long run by learning tips on how to save money throughout your journey and meet people who can help you at your destination”.

My Offer dedicated to Businesses 

As a person who has a wealth of knowledge with multicultural travelling and living experience, I offer an exceptionally marketed product and promotion aimed towards these values:

  • Meaningful relationships between nations and different cultures.
  • Personal growth for the sake of the “common good”.
  • Discovering the world and its beautiful diversity.

My offer revolves around social media management and relationships with clients according to their company’s goals and values.

Among other things I offer are:

  • Help in determining and refining your company’s overall mission/philosophy.
  • Instagram storytelling connected to your product or service.
  • Attention grabbing copywriting.
  • Regular posts on Facebook including “Live’s” and videos if needed.
  • Customised short Facebook and Instagram posts in Italian/Spanish for Latin and Italian markets

You may say…

“Great, but many other companies can do that. Why should I choose you and what is that I truly gain?”.


The biggest benefit in our cooperation is loyalty, transparency and a coherent relationship with all people who use, assist and are interested in your company.

Make Friends, Not War.

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