About me

Hi, I’m Małgosia (aka Margarita) Ruszkowska

I am a passionate traveler, and for the last 16 years, I have lived all over the world, including my latest stint in SE Asia. My international background and fascination with human nature inspire me to help people achieving their goals.


Here is what I do:

  • Cross-Cultural Mentor (Certified Executive Coach)
  • English Teacher (TEFL certified)
  • Traveller
  • Blogger at The Alternative Ideas and nonfiction writer


My Services


Polish Lessons

I offer lessons for beginner and advanced level students. My language education service can be connected with support for foreigners who have just moved to Poland and want to blend in smoothly. For that, I use a Cultural Adaptation model by my design.

Cross-Cultural Mentoring

This is a form of mentoring which offers support to people who have started a new life in a new country or moved back to their homeland after time spent abroad.

English Lessons

For those who studied English at school but ‘forgot’ it, and or those who ‘understand everything but cannot break through and start talking’



I also offer support in Italian, Spanish and can do French if needed.



Distinguishing Marks:
16 years abroad in 9 countries on 4 continents. Friends all over the world.

Free Consultation: 30 minutes only for you 🙂


Qualifications & Certificates

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