I’ve been in Morocco for nearly a month now. Aside working, I am making lots of short videos as I feel that’s right time to share those beautiful simple moments I am experiencing in this colourful land.

Here is one of them.

Last night I went to a shop to get some coffee and eggs for breakfast. On my way back, I heard drums playing in one of the houses so I headed towards it as my curiosity took over. A lady who walked off the staircase invited me to come up. So I did. Inside, I encountered around 60 women dancing and signing. It was a celebration of a newborn baby in the village.


The women had lots of fun and laugh with no alcohol. They belly danced in Burkas (some also on the table) including ladies in their late 50 ties. Guess who danced with them? (they also put me on the table!)

This isn’t the first time when I am realizing over and over how little of the West most people in the world need to live simple life that matters to them. Perhaps I am mistaken but I cannot see these people suffering so much anxiety and spiritual pain as I tend to notice in the West. I guess all of us in the world were dealt different cards and perhaps that is the way of evolution saying: “Learn from each other”.

We are all needed and I wish we’ll understand one day how much we – people of different nations and races can complete each other.


The women sang so well that I could feel the whole Africa through their voices. I am still remaining stargazed. Shame, I left my phone home. On the other hand, I think it was respectful not to film anyone and perhaps this little Rave (totally appropriate name for it) should be kept secret between you and I.

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