What did the pandemic change in my life?

What did the pandemic change in my life? July 2, 2020Leave a comment

It’s been over 3.5 months since I went to London when Poland closed its borders and I decided to take a bus to Germany instead of coming back home in Warsaw.

As I said in my previous posts, I am blessed to have wonderful friends here in Germany who didn’t mind having me for as long as I needed.

I spent in Munich 3 months exactly which I dedicated to work, Yoga & workouts, meditation and healthy eating. I took that cliche quarantine advice “If you can’t travel outside, travel inside”.

To me, the above things are the core of my everyday life anyway so it wasn’t anything new to me. However, because of the possibility of staying at one place for a larger amount of time, I decided to push harder.

What I mean by that is, instead of doing Yoga or working out every other day, I did it every day. It was only 20 minutes to kickstart my morning but not negotiable.

Meditation, however popular these days, is still underestimated in my view. When taken seriously, it is THAT good. It cleans up chaos in your thoughts, it sets your mind to peace.
As I am working with many different people, I can tell starting away if their work on their mind or not. Those who do, learn faster, are better listeners and easier to work with in general.

So, mind over matter for sure!

In recent weeks I also went party vegan. I say ‘partly’ because I didn’t choose the vegan diet out of any philosophy but for one simple reason: it makes me feel well. I read a few pieces on detoxing body and decided to make minor changes in my diet and exclude the meat completely. I haven’t been eating much of it in recent years anyways.

All changes must come gradually. So no matter what you do, give yourself a permission to take small steps but be consequent. There is nothing more satisfying and beautiful about being a human like seeing yourself growing and achieving the next stages of the WHOLE you! 🦋

What the pandemic changed in you? What changes have you applied in your everyday life?

I am back in Poland now. Sending hugs 💞

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