My Brexit Story (15 years later!)

My Brexit Story (15 years later!) January 14, 2020Leave a comment

On the 14.01.2005 I got off a plane at Luton Airport with £150 in my pocket. No job, no granted accommodation.
I spent £30 on a bust ticket to Glasgow which I took from London Victoria Station. I had £120 to live on for an unknown amount of time.

When I got off the bus in Glasgow I didn’t even know where I am going to sleep that night but I was so eager to remain in Britian that I said to myself that even if I have to knock to stranger’s door and ask for a shelter I will do that. To me, Poland and the town I was from, was not an option for living at that time, neither for opportunities.

Luckily, I didn’t have to knock to anyone’s door because I received help from a few Polish fellows who hosted me for a couple of nights at their place. (If you guys are reading this, thank you! 🙏)

The next day (and it was a Sunday) I went to look for work. On Monday morning I sicured a full time job as a waitress in an Italian restaurant. I still think that it was all promised in heaven.

*Back in 2005 the UK was an Eldorado for jobs and thousands of Poles had an opportunity to finally make decent money for living and moreover, be appreciated for their work. Let’s not forget that.

It helped that I invested time and money in English lessons in my early twenties. Polish school and social system as many others in the world is constantly failing to deliver English language education in an effective way. I know this for sure because I’ve been teaching English to dozens of Poles since I started running my company over 2 years ago and I can see the challenge.

Long story short, I came to Britain with nothing except for hope. I got everything I needed. Money to live on, jobs in several fields, dozens of terrific friends, amazing parties, a few boyfriends and most importantly, Britain never made me feel inferior due to my nationality. I never felt discriminated here like I did in Italy or Spain where I lived prior to coming to the UK.

I rather felt loved. (And still do)

I spent 9 years here in total and it’s the only place I call home even if I don’t live here anymore.

I think that there is a lot to learn from the Brits: – no drama approach to life (put the kettle on)
– that friendship between man and woman is possible (no Macho stuff)
– freedom in choosing how you want to live your life
– that a smile and “How are you doing?” can make your day

(And British music is second to none!)

So I don’t care if Brexit happens or not, I have my ongoing relationship with the country filled with many beautiful memories. Thank you Britian. To me, you are Great!

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