Make Friends not War – New Zealand

Make Friends not War – New Zealand April 15, 2021Leave a comment

The last time I saw the guy to the left was in Feb 1998 during high school party where he was my companion.

He left for New Zealand one week later for 6 months but hasn’t returned. I also left Poland in 2000. The guy to the right is his best friend and business partner. They live in Auckland where they run a company under a cool name, Two Fussy Blokes. They sell very cool painting rolls.

Chris and I have just rolled here in Warsaw for first time since 21 years!
It was unbelievably awesome to meet again, see how we all progressed, given not an easy start we had.

Back in the 90ties Poland wasn’t good news to many young people and provided no opportunities we deserved. So we made our own by leaving the country.
Now, when we come back here, we see the changes the country underwent and appreciate them. Hopefully we can also add value here by sharing what we’ve learnt abroad.


Make Friends not War is my personal project where I show that we can build peace in the world by creating connections with people from different nations and look for a common ground. Enjoy!

If you feel like you’d like to support me in my mission, get in touch. Alone we won’t change the world, but we can do it together! 

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