How to get the best out of the pandemic quarantine? 

How to get the best out of the pandemic quarantine?  April 7, 2020Leave a comment

There are a few things that are happening in this exceptional time right now: 

☆Some of us are drawing in fear and panic about what the near future will bring. They can’t focus on work, can’t sleep and stop worrying. They will or have already lost their job. They have no contingency plan in place. 

☆Some of us will have to deal with health issues or support those who are suffering. They may have no energy to get through this. 

☆Some of us will continue as usual, already working from home or in their office but are slammed with work and overstressed by lack of options such as being able to go out and live as they did before. 

☆Some of us, in this whole craziness, will see an interesting opportunity for a new business, learning something new, working on themselves   and opening up to the ‘new future’.

Which group of people are you in right now?  

Just wanted to say that wherever you are, there is always a possibility to move forward. You can get through this and gain peace of mind. 

My name is Margarita and I have built myself from scratch eleven times. Why eleven? Because I moved to different  countries eleven times, for jobs, relationships, voluntary work, dich-everything-and-go, world’s travels and rebranding. In effect, despite what is going on right now, I am completely fine. I keep healthy, sleep well and see a huge opportunity for humanity growth. 

I want to help you in finding yourself in this exceptional situation, gaining peace of mind and preparing a plan for the near future. The plan that you have an impact on. Because even though we can predict the future, we can use the time we have now.

If you have just lost your job or are expecting this to happen soon, if you feel that this is this exact moment when you can make a change in your life for good, I am here for you. Message me to make an appointment for a free consultation. 


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