From Pandemic with Love and Gratitude

From Pandemic with Love and Gratitude May 31, 2020Leave a comment

When I was on my way back from Cuba I would have never imagined that a few days later I’ll end up in Germany for the next few months. 

Here is where the Father Universe gives you situations that are far away from what you planned. 

After completing my first Make Friends not War Cuban adventure I was supposed to undergo a short educational training in London, get back to Warsaw and depart for Easter language camp in Southern England two weeks later. 

I managed to get to London and attend the training. Well, almost. My return flight was cancelled and the atmosphere around the incoming pandemic was rather weird. The vibe felt bad and the people who organised the training were probably more clueless on what to do than was I. I knew I didn’t want to remain in England but I couldn’t get to Poland in one go. 

After a few conversations with my friends in Scotland, Paris and Germany I decided to take a bus to Munich. I thought that if I can’t get back to Poland, I will at least get closer to the Polish border and stay safe next to my close friends. 

In my  life, I am blessed to have people I can count on and this time a couple of them I didn’t let me down. My Chilean friend Claudio just said “Come over and you can stay as long as you need”. Later, my friend Kasia let me stay at her place for a very long time. 

I arrived in Munich late evening the next day. The trip with Flixbus was probably one of my favourite bus rides ever. I had the whole two seats to myself, the driver was extremely friendly and I loved the transit in Dusseldorf where I stuffed myself with yummy German pastries. 

In Dusseldorf the pandemic didn’t seem to stress the people around however, I could sense some sort of different peace all over. I made a couple of phone calls to my mom and auntie. They both advised me not to rush to the fatherland. 

Claudio picked me up at Böhmerwaldplatz U-bahn station. He was smiley and kind as usual. He says that I awake his paternal instinct in him. Maybe. I needed a bit of parent care that day for sure. 

“We are all going to get it”. He said as we were walking up the stairs to reach his apartment. I didn’t know what to think but I tried to reason as everything may be possible. 

We had a glass of red (Chilean!) wine at home and talked for about two hours before I went to bed. 

The next day I woke up early, did twenty minutes of Yoga, had breakfast with Claudio and got down to work. I decided to take the whole thing day by day or in other words, I imagined it as one long day that consists of a different perspective of time. 

It’s been two and a half months exactly since I arrived in Munich. The city I used to live in eleven years ago. That’s where I made those life lasting friendships that are paying off now.

I hated Munich when I lived here. The city didn’t match my lifestyle and values back then. But now it’s different. I matured as a person and Munich grew in my eyes. And saved me when I needed to be saved. 

You never know how the dots in life connect so just keep walking dot to dot and surrender. The Father Universe knows where to go. 

This post is dedicated to my friends Claudio and Kasia who have been amazing during this crazy time of pandemic. I cannot express enough of my gratitude to you. God bless you! 💕


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