Can you be an artist and make money?

Can you be an artist and make money? March 21, 2021Leave a comment

Merlin is in town and Andy doesn’t mind it!

Where do you look for life inspiration?
I personally like reading and watching biographies of artists, thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

The artists are ultra inspiring to me. However, a concept of having to often choose between being a poor artist and comfortable corporate worker is not. It’s one of numerous limiting beliefs in outlet society that doesn’t need to be true.

The good news are that we can drop that old paradigm of a poor artist, rejected by society who suffers throughout his life and dies homeless.

We are living in times where art is present in all sorts of ways and industries. You can make money and be an artist if you combine your art making with learning business. As long as you learn determination.

Same as Andy Worhol who started from visiting art stores in New York carrying his art under his arm.

You can also be so called, normal person and still be an artist. Make your life a masterpiece by loving the simple things in life you do. Love what you do and creativity will come naturally.

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