About World’s Peace in 21st Century

About World’s Peace in 21st Century January 27, 2020Leave a comment

In Poland you can’t run away from its difficult history. It’s everywhere.

Even Polish people who aren’t interested in it, when challenged as to why they rarely smile will tell you: “We are like THIS because we had a difficult history”.

I personally don’t use history as an excuse to hold grudges or not smile to strangers, however, maybe because the history of Poland is so difficult (and my family suffered during WW2) I am well interested in it.

During my last year trip in Poland with my Israeli friends we visited two Nazi concentration camps and one death camp. On top of things, I was given a book about uprising in Treblinka death camp by a drunk guy, whom we met in a local bar in a small town called Włodawa. I started reading the book, found it interesting and revolting at the same time.

It’s one of the strongest stuff I’ve ever fed my mind with.

My head was a bit screwed. My conclusion from all this is that the world peace is not disturbed by particular nations or countries or governments. Yes, they do have power to start wars but they would be of no use without oridinary people who feed their compexes with nationalistic ideologies.

And this is precisely why, if there is any psycho who comes to me and says that my nation or his nation or any other nation in this world is superior or better than others, I will never buy it.

I lived in 10 countries, travelled to many and met people from all sorts of backgrounds and I can promise you, that yes, some nations do some stuff better than others and the other way around but overall, we deserve each other.

Aggression and xenophobia starts from one stereotype, one sentence, one gossip repeated notoriously.

“X nation steals jobs”
“Y nation are “thieves”
“Z nation are idiots”

And so on…

It’s that simple and stupid at the same time.

And therefore, in Western world of XXI century when we take so many things for granted including peace, it’s mandatory to keep yourself auto-educated and open minded.

Because we are different and that’s absolutely fine but we also depend on each other now more than ever ✌

P. S. Text posted for today’s 75th anniversary of Auschwitz Concentration Camp liberation.

Feel free to share you needed ✌✌✌

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