The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learnt When Living in 10 Countries

For many years I didn’t truly know what I want to do in my life. It may not look that way, taking into account how much I traveled and how many places I visited. Nevertheless, I was moving around the world, just by taking a chance the places gave me. Throughout all these years I was testing myself as a person in different environments and experimenting with my lifestyle. I used to feel lost at least once in a month and wondered what was I doing with my life and how this all will work out. I tried different things career wise, developing my passions such as dancing and writing in the meantime. The feeling of ‘not knowing’ and not ‘being good enough’ to reach for the life I wanted was stopping me from determining my life purpose.

Like many people, I wasn’t sure what I came to this world for.

A dozen or so years ago, when I lived in Scotland and worked in an Italian restaurant, I used to read books on self-development on my breaks. One of them advised of an exercise, which quickly became an indispensable part of my life: writing down  things I’d like to experience. Right in that moment, I remember a thought which came to my mind: “I want to cross life paths of as many people as possible”. I didn’t know what that meant but the intention was set.

Today, I am on my life mission with making friends around the world, and sharing life experiences. I have met hundreds of people from different countries and backgrounds during my travels and nomadic living experiences. Some of them became my dearest friends. The conclusion to make is that most people don’t care about where you’re from. They don’t want to divide, they want to share what they have, even if they have very little. They want peace in the world and in their heart. This is the biggest lesson I’ve learnt when traveling the globe.

This was the inspiration for The Alternative Ideas’ project “Make Friends, not War”, a travelling lifestyle which encourages people to explore the world on its primary level. This means visiting the locals, spending time with them and making meaningful connections that often last a lifetime. I personally experienced an overwhelming kindness of people in places I travelled to and lived in, such as Myanmar, Thailand or Venezuela. I’d like to share my stories here and by doing so, inspire people to do the same.

*Make Friends, not War is also portraying foreigners who live far away from their fatherland. Their challenges and joys of an immigrant or an expat life. The photos and stories are on my FB page.