How to date in modern world?

How to date in modern world? November 29, 2019Leave a comment

Ghosting. 3 days rule. Unanswered texts. Tinder. Badoo.

“Badoo is good for fucking”. – said to me once a guy I knew.

Everyone can do what they want to do. Natürlich. As for me, all the above makes me preferring to stay single.

Not as much dating apps, cause they’re one of tools for finding a partner but some common behaviours that come with them such as listed above.

To me is like experimenting with twisted human nature using means that rather exploit than cherish people’s spirit.

I noticed that successful people have one threat in common. They answer messages pretty much straight away. When I say ‘successful people’, I mean the people who live a meaningful, fulfilled life. People who are content with their performance and career. Who have dreams which they make come true.

Answering messages, calling people for a chat, hearing their voice and informing them of what is happening in a relationship is basic law of communication.

Over the last year I heard from a few men that they dream about love for life. This is conforming. In Western World of 21st century there are people who actually want to commit for life.

So let’s start with communication based on respect.

What would I like to hear if I was that person?

How can I like this person more?

How honest can I be with them?

Observation, self reflection and empathy is a good start.

We want old values using new social trends. It’s perplexing.

I keep saying to my happily married friends who have been with one or two partners so far. “Thank God you are in a loyal, grounded relationship, because there is a big fuck-all out there. Don’t even try to experiment with it”.

Not all are so sure.

Respect is timeless. It beats up games and      superficial dating rules in the long run.     Respect is not that difficult if we value our lives.

The question to some of us is: “Do we?”.

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