What did the pandemic change in my life?

It’s been over 3.5 months since I went to London when Poland closed its borders and I decided to take a bus to Germany instead of coming back home in Warsaw. As I said in my previous posts, I am blessed to have wonderful friends here in Germany who didn’t mind having me for as […]

Not black and white but human.

It was my third week in Madagascar when I got invited for a trip to Malagasy countryside by a Brit who lived in Mahajanga and ran an eco oil production company.  We departed quite early in the morning to avoid high temperatures during the drive.  I was a bit tired so I fell asleep in […]

From Pandemic with Love and Gratitude

When I was on my way back from Cuba I would have never imagined that a few days later I’ll end up in Germany for the next few months.  Here is where the Father Universe gives you situations that are far away from what you planned.  After completing my first Make Friends not War Cuban […]

How to get the best out of the pandemic quarantine? 

There are a few things that are happening in this exceptional time right now:  ☆Some of us are drawing in fear and panic about what the near future will bring. They can’t focus on work, can’t sleep and stop worrying. They will or have already lost their job. They have no contingency plan in place.  […]

What Poles learnt from immigration to the UK?

My life in the UK provided me with many unforgettable memories. One of them was on a Saturday evening in London.  I went to “The Polish House” (the main seat of Polish community in London) to see Polish former prime minister giving a talk on why we – the Poles in the UK,  should return […]

About World’s Peace in 21st Century

In Poland you can’t run away from its difficult history. It’s everywhere. Even Polish people who aren’t interested in it, when challenged as to why they rarely smile will tell you: “We are like THIS because we had a difficult history”. I personally don’t use history as an excuse to hold grudges or not smile […]

My Brexit Story (15 years later!)

On the 14.01.2005 I got off a plane at Luton Airport with £150 in my pocket. No job, no granted accommodation. I spent £30 on a bust ticket to Glasgow which I took from London Victoria Station. I had £120 to live on for an unknown amount of time. When I got off the bus […]

Two versions of my life story.

Hi. I am Malgosia. I was born in a small town of Eastern Poland. My mum is an archeologist and my dad an electrician engineer. My mom really wanted me and my dad was super happy when I was born. He used to play mandoline for me and called me a genious when I was […]

How to date in modern world?

Ghosting. 3 days rule. Unanswered texts. Tinder. Badoo. “Badoo is good for fucking”. – said to me once a guy I knew. Everyone can do what they want to do. Natürlich. As for me, all the above makes me preferring to stay single. Not as much dating apps, cause they’re one of tools for finding […]

The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learnt When Living in 10 Countries

For many years I didn’t truly know what I want to do in my life. It may not look that way, taking into account how much I traveled and how many places I visited. Nevertheless, I was moving around the world, just by taking a chance the places gave me. Throughout all these years I […]